A new year, new contests and festivals.

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So this year´s design festival is on and there´s plenty of surprises in the air (I´ll make sure to make some noise myself). If you like a good challenge, visit http://www.festivalcapiusa.com for more details. #FestivalCAPIUSA

A sea of doodles

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By now it’s more than clear that I particularly enjoy doodles in their varied expressions.  Last year was filled with oddball pieces I created, here’s one.

20131223_134504 20131223_134527 20131223_144852 20131223_155617 20131226_094832 20131226_094847 20131226_155622 20131226_155636 20131226_155647 20131226_161032 1387835864458 IMG_20131223_144929 IMG_20131223_145017

Capiusa Design Fest 2014

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So last year was pretty active, one of the many shenanigans I got myself into was a design competition, Here´s some pics from the event.1399690313134 1399690313988 1399690315129 1399690316207

It truly was an honor to be featured with such talent.

P.S. mine´s the big doodle spewing smaller ones.

Work on Merchandise

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This year has been quite fun, plenty of projects to tackle and lost of work done.

Here´s some samples of illustration work featured on my Society6 page and quite a few other sources.  If you´re interested, contact me for details.

I have to admit I feel pretty productive now that I see this much done.

Capiusa poster 2013 chicken_mobile 001 doodle_mug 001 doodle_mug 001b Doodles vertical poster mckup doodles_pillow 001 Fontierras Poster Mkup 003 Fontierras Poster Mkup 004 Horror crow poster mckup horror laptop 001 horror_bag 002 horror_clock 001 horror_mobile 001 horror_mobile 002 horror_mobile 003 horror_mug 001a horror_mug 001b horror_mug 001c horror_mug 003a horror_mug 003b horror_mug 003c horror_pillow 001 horror_pillow 002 horror_pillow 003 horror_rug 001 horror_tanktop 001 horror_tshirt 001 Lobby 001 petiteprince_pillow Pygmalion_logo_mockup_006 Sketch 001 mokup Tshirt 0001 tshirts mega mockup 001

I´m Not Charlie Hebdo (but I should be)

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2015 came along and with it, the strangeness flowed. We’re halfway through January and I still can’t shake 2014 off, it wasn’t a good or bad year; both good and bad things happened.  Bringing all these events to mind makes me ponder.   What was done right? What mistakes were made? Were the corrected? If they weren’t, can they be corrected? And how?

This deep meditation actually got me out of some funky moods that were bringing me down quite heavily and got me to take some action.  First and foremost, I picked up my markers and drew, nothing in particular at first.  I read somewhere that action and motion leads to work getting done and creativity flowing.  Turns out Picasso was right (who would´ve guessed, the masters knew what they were doing).

As dots turned into lines, lines turned into doodles, and doodles into shapes I ended with a few pieces heavily inspired by the recent events at Charlie Hebdo.  I want to make this clear. I AM NOT AGAINST ISLAM OR ANY RELIGION OR LACKTHEREOF (yes even the ones who worship snake people have a right to do so) regardless of my thoughts on any or all of them.  I am, however utterly against extremism, censorship, political-correctness (which is Bullcrap),  and all around idiocy.

So you have a different viewpoint than me, tough luck.  If your convictions are strong, nothing I can say or do will change that (and quite frankly I don´t care to do so as its not my place to impose my ideas on anyone else).  If I say (or illustrate) anything offensive or that speaks out against an idea, you have the full right to be offended and tell me about it (I might or might not stop).  Because it is, in essence, my OPINION.  The fact that I think a certain way doesn´t mean I´m right (it doesn´t mean I´m wrong either), it means I have a viewpoint.  You can accept it, or not, thats your prerogative.

I’m rambling again, I wanted to talk al little about the illustrations that just came to my hands, and all because I have to say I’m not Charlie…  but I should be,  we all should be.  This is not a time to be gullible to some idiotic political and terror inducing tactics, its time to unite as the single humanity we are, its time to put our petty squabbles aside.  Stop the violence, stop the illogical hatred, stop the nonsense.  We should all be transgressors, opinionated, we have a voice, it needs to be heard, ideally for the overall good of humanity (yeh I know impossible thoughts, so sue me I´m a hopeless romantic of sorts).

After venting all of that, I wanted to share one of the illustrations that came out of a night of odd meditation, on the plus side, I woke up quite calm.

Imnotcharlie 001  Imnotcharlie 002Imnotcharlie 003

Digital coloring process Images – The Flash

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These are process images for digital coloring on a current illustration challenge I´m taking. 365 illustrations in 365 days #GTD365, I decided to color all the superhero FanArt ones.  Enjoy ImageImageImageImageImageImage


And the final product



At this point I know there´s a lot of room to add even further detail, I might pick it up afterwards for more.

Thanks for stopping by.


Process images

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Process images

A couple of photo captures for another illustration.


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