Doing a little Photography

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My current professional activities have allowed me some downtime with nature and I’ve been taking advantage to take some nature shots.

Despegue, event for Creatives and Entrepeneurs, Chiquimula.

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We recently visited Chiquimula, Guatemala to give a speech and a couple of workshops related to creativity and entrepreneurship.  I must say it was a fun experience to share our little bit of knowledge and spend time with so many talented creatives.

Hope to see a repeat soon, loved the time over there.  #DespegueChiquimula #Creativity #Talks #Conference #LosGarabatti #Illustration

10534757_10155837248675204_4628295574700202732_n 10985028_10153044915023099_9202086019840011265_n 10985196_10204202682537267_3448910709056845164_n 11027985_10152875722866587_7714291908125418801_n 11109435_408383692684924_1002149511312029254_o 11147850_408383572684936_4681518876920664065_o 11205604_10154005421723696_4155413318960795506_n 11206045_10152875722581587_1737938884751472971_n 11227546_408385346018092_7098394572743762469_o 11665610_10155741330590654_8411543269641592566_n 11666123_815904465196816_4309147746085651691_n 11667416_10154005421663696_3252167547375557024_n 11692611_10152875723066587_4332862391829062562_n 11695838_10155829747130204_6361215111678035852_n 11698796_408383532684940_6440510177242587243_o 11707730_408383502684943_6908804262419968604_o 11709795_408384152684878_927028204386003366_o 11710030_408384069351553_3987968221551263419_o 11728897_408385259351434_4230327220781551599_o

Starwars Tribute/Expo

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As part of the 9o Festival de Diseño Capiusa, a tribute/expo was held where 10 designers and 10 animators created three posters each.  30 Posters with augmented reality featured the expo.  I was honored to be one of the invited Designers.  Here´s four (I overdid it yes) of the pieces I showcased.

Only three were printed for the expo while the fourth was used for publicity.


Russian Constructivism 60's Psychedelia Pop art Poster 1 Sketch Doodle/Horror Vacui


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Some Thumbnail boards for a project created last year.

Leave a comment, mail some money or whatever you like pretty much.

20140305_162828 20140305_162925 20140305_174430 20140305_174441 20140305_183836 20140305_183845

Sketchbook Notes

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More Sketchbooks are showing up now that I had decided to pretty much toss a bunch of stuff out.  Glad I found this one as the pieces are definitely not inside my comfort zone.

20140302_171135 20140302_171150 20140302_171159 20140302_171207 20140302_171224 20140302_171234 20140302_171251 20140302_171305 20140302_171331

Concept sketches

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While I go through my various usb drives and hard disks a ton of images are suddenly popping out.  Here’s a couple of concept sketches created for Valentine’s day.  Agency:  Proximity Guatemala/Digital Labs (yup I’ve played in the big leagues for a bit).

20140207_150103 20140207_150111

Sample illustrations

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This set was part of a campaign for a local snack chain that is owned by Frito Lays.  I don’t think it was ever released. (but just in case I’m omitting the snack bags from the images). It was definitely fun to create, some serious Sergio Aragones influence there.

arbenz barrondo conquista fulusho guacalas huelga Independencia tecun el man


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